​ Douglas County Sheriff's Mounted Posse


Training For You and Your Horse 

To effectively support the mission of the DCSMP, Posse members participate in a number of training activities. Ongoing horse desensitizing training prepares the horse and rider for the all types of situations encountered in search and rescue, parades, or trail riding. 


Throughout the year, horsemanship training is provided by an equine professional trainer. The Posse is very safety conscience. Therefore, it is extremely important that Posse members exhibit control and safety with their horses. Horsemanship training is designed to give the rider not only the control but also the confidence necessary to be an effective Posse rider.  Posse horses must be geldings or mares, no stallions, and must not possess any traits that would present a danger to the public or Posse members and their horses.  Draft horses are the only restricted breed of horse, and mules and donkeys are not allowed.  Horses must be sound and in good health

Not all training is in the arena or on horseback. Search and Rescue training is simulated on trail. This type of training is frequently combined with a trail ride and/or overnight campout. Map and compass training sessions are held in the classroom and in the field. Equine first aid classes are conducted by veterinarians, and professional emergency medical personnel provide first aid and CPR training.

Those interested in joining the Posse are encouraged to participate in trainings and are also welcome as spectators.  Training formats include horsemanship; desensitization and working cattle.  Linda Garmong at 775-392-0092 for details.